YouTube: The good, the bad, and the explanatory.



Credit: Online Media Daily

Have you ever found yourself sucked into YouTube when you got on to watch one video? The average American watches about 5 hours of YouTube a month.  That’s quite a few 3 to 5 minute videos. Lucky for us we can take advantage of all that time to share the gospel.

YouTube has a lot of great resources. You can direct people towards the Church’s Channel, which has lots of great content.

Unfortunately there are also a lot of very harmful things on YouTube that often draw people’s attention. Some of it is unintentionally negative towards the Church, while increasingly more of it is pointedly attacking the Church and its values.

How can we aid in helping people know the truth? By providing good quality content to the mix.

You may think that you will be a drop in the YouTube bucket, but so many people spend so much time on YouTube, that you are bound to get some views from somewhere. If it is really well done, you might draw a lot of attention, like these videos did.

The trick is to provide answers to people’s questions that they may have about life, or about the Church in general.

To draw more attention to your video make sure that you make the title something easy to find and relevant to the topic.

Look for Niches that haven’t been filled and fill them.Humor is great if it also is balanced with information about the topic.

YouTube is a case where quantity and quality both are important. We want many loud voices.

Start making your own videos explaining the gospel. I will post again later. I am off to build Zion one click at a time.


I’m a Mormon: Taking the average to the extraordinary.




With such famous people as Steve Young, Lindsey Sterling, and David Archuleta, it is hard to think that creating an “I’m a Mormon” profile will actually bring attention.

These profiles are great because they let those not of our faith read about not just famous people, but ordinary people who are like them.

To see what people think of this take a look at this article and watch the video spoof.

The trick to helping out on this site is first of all to create a profile worth looking at. This entails a short process of filling out information about yourself. You want to include things that will help you relate to other people. Put things you like to do that others may also like to do, like hiking, or dancing.  People will look for you based on your interests.

At the end there is an option to answer questions and share testimony. This is the most important part. You can answer gospel questions that people frequently ask, and people may comment on them giving you more of an opportunity to share the gospel.

The best way to make sure that your profile actually helps is to personally invite people to check it out. You can do this through Facebook, blogs, or word of mouth. Let people know that you are there for them and to check your site out.

My page is being approved, I will post a link when it is.

I’m a Mormon, you’re a Mormon. Now sit down in that chair and start to share. I will post again soon. I am off now to build Zion one click at a time.

Facebook: Friend or Foe


Credit: Master Isolated Images

Have gospel posts haunted your Facebook page? Don’t be the guy that posts 10 things from an hour. Post Responsibly

The church gave a worldwide leadership broadcast that sparked in many of you an inner desire to share the gospel. For those who are willing but scared of being unfriended here are some tips.

  • Remember Moderation in all things.

People tend to ignore posts if they see that you do the same things repeatedly. Maintain a constant balance of normal and gospel messages. Try to make them interesting so that people look for you.

  • Share things that are interactive

Videos and photos are better at catching attention. Here are some examples from the “Mormons” page on Facebook

mormons truth

Mormon Messages are also good, uplifting, and well done.

  • Sharing your Testimony

Perhaps the most effective way to share the gospel is through testimony. The same holds true on Facebook. A simple testimony stating core beliefs in Christ’s restored church has a strong impact on people.

  • Reach out personally

A general post on your own wall is like walking into a crowd and shouting that the Book of Mormon is true. Some people might stare at you, but most won’t approach you.

A better way is to select specific people with which you wish to share the gospel. Sharing something on their wall, or sending them a message with your testimony is a much more personal and effective way of doing it.

All things taken into account, the most important thing you can do is to actually do. So you can leave your rear in the chair and get your fingers moving. I will post again soon. I’m off to build Zion one click at a time.