YouTube: The good, the bad, and the explanatory.



Credit: Online Media Daily

Have you ever found yourself sucked into YouTube when you got on to watch one video? The average American watches about 5 hours of YouTube a month.  That’s quite a few 3 to 5 minute videos. Lucky for us we can take advantage of all that time to share the gospel.

YouTube has a lot of great resources. You can direct people towards the Church’s Channel, which has lots of great content.

Unfortunately there are also a lot of very harmful things on YouTube that often draw people’s attention. Some of it is unintentionally negative towards the Church, while increasingly more of it is pointedly attacking the Church and its values.

How can we aid in helping people know the truth? By providing good quality content to the mix.

You may think that you will be a drop in the YouTube bucket, but so many people spend so much time on YouTube, that you are bound to get some views from somewhere. If it is really well done, you might draw a lot of attention, like these videos did.

The trick is to provide answers to people’s questions that they may have about life, or about the Church in general.

To draw more attention to your video make sure that you make the title something easy to find and relevant to the topic.

Look for Niches that haven’t been filled and fill them.Humor is great if it also is balanced with information about the topic.

YouTube is a case where quantity and quality both are important. We want many loud voices.

Start making your own videos explaining the gospel. I will post again later. I am off to build Zion one click at a time.


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