Facebook: Friend or Foe


Credit: Master Isolated Images

Have gospel posts haunted your Facebook page? Don’t be the guy that posts 10 things from LDS.org an hour. Post Responsibly

The church gave a worldwide leadership broadcast that sparked in many of you an inner desire to share the gospel. For those who are willing but scared of being unfriended here are some tips.

  • Remember Moderation in all things.

People tend to ignore posts if they see that you do the same things repeatedly. Maintain a constant balance of normal and gospel messages. Try to make them interesting so that people look for you.

  • Share things that are interactive

Videos and photos are better at catching attention. Here are some examples from the “Mormons” page on Facebook

mormons truth

Mormon Messages are also good, uplifting, and well done.

  • Sharing your Testimony

Perhaps the most effective way to share the gospel is through testimony. The same holds true on Facebook. A simple testimony stating core beliefs in Christ’s restored church has a strong impact on people.

  • Reach out personally

A general post on your own wall is like walking into a crowd and shouting that the Book of Mormon is true. Some people might stare at you, but most won’t approach you.

A better way is to select specific people with which you wish to share the gospel. Sharing something on their wall, or sending them a message with your testimony is a much more personal and effective way of doing it.

All things taken into account, the most important thing you can do is to actually do. So you can leave your rear in the chair and get your fingers moving. I will post again soon. I’m off to build Zion one click at a time.